What is a pre-order phase?

Due to being a self-sufficient independent publisher, Ross Publishing uses the money acquired from sales to purchase the desired quantity of books. Therefore, when you place your order, you will pay the entire price of the book upfront, this will then be used to purchase your copy from the printers. The pre-order window remains open for four week. Once the window has closed, you will receive and email notifying you that the order has been submitted to the printers.

How long will it take for my book to be delivered?

If you have purchased a book which is currently within its pre-order phase, your expected delivery/release date can be found at the bottom of the products page. Books are processed and shipped via Royal Mail's Drop and Go Service. When your order has been dispatched and you receive a shipping confirmation email, it means that it has been handed over to the Royal Mail. It can take the Royal Mail up to three working days to process the item and the release it ready to be shipped. That means that your book can take around six days to reach you from the point of receiving your shipping confirmation email.

I placed an order but my book hasn't arrived yet.

Firstly, please check to see whether you have purchased an 'in stock' item or a 'pre-order item'. Due to the current pandemic, postal services are running slightly slower than usual so please give it additional time to arrive. Unfortunately, the Royal Mail or ourselves cannot intervene until 30 days have passed from your purchase date, this is to protect both us, the Royal Mail and to allow a sufficient amount of time for the book to arrive if it has been delayed in transit. At this point, a claim will be submitted to Royal Mail and you will receive a refund for your missing items.

My address is incorrect on my order, can I change it?

It is vital that you contact us immediately if you notice an error in your shipping address. If you don't notify us and the book is shipped, Ross Publishing can't be held liable if the book doesn't not arrive. Occasionally, but not always, address labels are manually checked against the Royal Mail database so if we notice an error, we will contact you to confirm your shipping address. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure any errors are brought to the attention of Ross Publishing.

Can you ship to other countries?

At present, the website only allows your item to be shipped within the UK. If you would like your item to be shipped to another country, please contact us before placing your order so we can add additional shipping options to the order page.

Will there be anymore books available once they are sold out?

Books are purchased from the supplier on the basis that there is demand for them. If there isn't a demand for more paperbacks then they will unfortunately be unavailable. The book will continuously be available on Kindle however.

Can I buy your book in store?

At present, paperbacks are only available to be purchased via Ross Publishing.